Hello I’m Mark. You probably already know that since the little URL bar up top says Mark-Stewart.com. But, who am I?

I’m a reformed Shiny New Object addict. When it comes to internet marketing ideas, trends, or software, I’m all over it. In the past this would be seen as a problem to be dealt with by more learning or more buying. 

Instead, it’s now a reason for  this site. You see instead of just grabbing the next shiny object I can get my hands on and not doing much with it, I have  been using and testing everything. And share the results with you.

Interested in internet marketing and technology? Then this site is for you. I’ll teach you how to use both to make a living online.

I think the internet has opened up so many opportunities for the person that wants to start a business or share ideas. And even though it seems like everything has already been done I think we are still just at the beginning of something big.

So come along, I want to share what I know with you. Along the way I know I’ll learn from you as well.

Online, I’m pretty private about my personal life but since you read this far I’ll share a little something with you. I am a father to two beautiful and smart (too smart sometimes) kids and husband to an equally smart and beautiful woman. I hate the winter which is why we live in the sunny state of Georgia. And, my dream career when I was a kid was to be a chef. I’ve achieved my goal of being a chef except I get paid in compliments not dollars.

Just so you know: 
Many, if not most of the links I share on this site will be affiliate links. Why? Because, once I buy or use something and like it I want to share this with others. The affiliate links add no additional costs to the product or service I review. I don’t review products or services I know nothing about and therefore do not have any affiliate relationship with those things. Which also means I’ll never give a positive review with the only intention of receiving commissions.